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Personal Best 2

28 May 2020

Personal Best started as a small project to learn SwiftUI and ship an app. I never really intended to ship a 2.0, I figured it would just be a fun proof of concept I could share with my friends.

After 1.0 shipped, the feedback was amazing! People sent me all sorts of requests, like miles over kilometres, indoor workouts and sharing with friends. I was having fun working on it, so I got to work on some cool new features.

Now, I’m happy to announce Personal Best 2.0 is live on the App Store!

It comes with a bevy of new features and improvements, but the main one is custom filters.

Custom filters

Filters in Personal Best were originally hardcoded. When somebody requested elevation gain measurements, I added it manually. Then somebody else asked to see their runs split into 5km and 10km, and I realised that hardcoding them wasn’t scalable.

Personal Best 2 contains a powerful filtering engine so you can build your own filters and see the data you care about. You can make anything from simple ones like ‘workouts this month’, through to ridiculously-complex ones like ‘cycling workouts in the last seventeen weeks over ten miles with less than 100m elevation gain, sorted by calories burned’. It’s pretty cool!

Screenshots of Personal Best 2

Personal Best Pro

TL;DR This is where I try and sell my in-app purchase.

I want to make Personal Best into a best-in-class workout tracking app. Our workouts have so much useful data and there’s so much potential to put it to good use.

To do that, it needs to be a viable business, and for that I need cash money. In Personal Best 2, you can create one filter for free, and then it’s £2.99/$2.99/3.49€ to make as many as you want. That’s it. No ongoing subscription, no annoying popups, just an inexpensive one-time purchase.

Going forward, I want to provide a good balance of free and paid features. If I make enough paid features, the price for Personal Best Pro will probably go up slightly to reflect the extras you get.

If you enjoy Personal Best and want to help it develop further, please consider the Pro version. If you don’t want to, no hard feelings - the free version is still here for you.

Download Personal Best 2 for free