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Personal Best — Help and FAQs

Some common questions and troubleshooting guides for Personal Best.

Seeing ‘No Workouts’ when opening Personal Best

Personal Best gets all its data from the Apple Health (also known as HealthKit) database, which is stored locally on your iPhone.

If no workouts are displaying, it may indicate one of two things:

Permission not granted

The first time you open Personal Best, it asks for permission to access your workouts. If you don’t approve this, it won’t be able to access your data.

For privacy reasons, Personal Best will never know if you didn’t grant permission, Apple Health will just return zero workouts whenever it tries to load your workouts.

If you didn’t give Personal Best permission to access your workouts, you can update your settings from within the Health app.

No workouts

Personal Best is designed to display all workouts from Apple Health. This means that no matter what app you use to record your workouts — for example Apple Watch, Strava, Runkeeper, and so on, as long as it writes to Apple Health, Personal Best can display it.

If you aren’t seeing the workouts you’d expect to see, check that the workouts exist in your Apple Health database. You can do this in the Health app by pressing ‘Browse’, searching for ‘Workouts’, then scrolling down and pressing ‘Show All Data’.

If you’re still having problems with workouts you expect to see in Apple Health not appearing, please send a screenshot of how the workout appears in Apple Health to and I’ll investigate.

A workout looks wrong or is missing in Personal Best

Personal Best displays whatever is stored in Apple Health, so any data that’s missing is probably not a problem with Personal Best. For example, if your runs from Strava don’t write any route data to Apple Health, Personal Best can’t display a map of the route.

If you’re having problems and you think the problem is with Personal Best and not Apple Health, please send a screenshot of how the workout appears in Apple Health to and I’ll investigate.