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Personal Best — Press Kit

About Personal Best

Personal Best is a fitness tracking app for iPhone. It works in unison with Apple Health to bring your workouts to life, with leaderboards, interesting statistics and more.

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Main features

Leaderboards and insights

Your workouts are a treasure trove of useful, meaningful data, but this valuable data often goes unused. Personal Best creates leaderboards from your workouts, plus all kinds of interesting insights like how long you’ve spent exercising this year, as well as facts like your coldest workout or what time of day you work out most. You can even create your own leaderboards to rank your workouts in ridiculously specific ways.

Share your workouts

Turn any workout into a beautiful custom image to share on social media, or just to keep in your photo library. Customise the background, font and even add a photo. Your workouts have never looked this good.

Notifications and widgets

Learn about your workouts without even opening Personal Best. Turn on notifications to see your key insights and leaderboards the moment you finish a workout. Then, freshen up your home screen with Personal Best’s widgets. See key insights, your latest workouts, or a combination.

Privacy first

Personal Best respects your privacy. Your data never leaves your phone and there are no creepy third-party analytics libraries included. In fact, it doesn’t even use the internet at all. You don’t need to create an account to use Personal Best.

Inexpensive one-time purchase

Personal Best is free to use, with an in-app purchase to unlock Personal Best Pro. No recurring subscription or annoying upsells like other fitness apps.

Questions and enquiries

Feel free to send any questions to Phone/Zoom/FaceTime calls are welcome too, email me for contact details.

You can also find me on Twitter @shauneba or @PersonalBestiOS.

Promo codes for Personal Best Pro are available for press.

System requirements

iOS 14.0 or higher on iPhone. Personal Best doesn’t work on iPad, Mac or Apple TV because they don’t have HealthKit.

My story

I’m Shaun, an indie iOS developer in London, UK. In April 2020 during the first UK lockdown I decided to learn SwiftUI so I’d have something to in the evenings other than rewatch Friends for the sixteenth time. A week later, Personal Best was live on the App Store!

Since then, I’ve been hard at work improving it, adding widgets, notifications, custom leaderboards, sharing and loads more features. My goal is for Personal Best to be considered a best-in-class iOS app.

You can read more about my foray into indie app development on my blog.


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